Sorry, WODI is not longer maintained. Please use opam / OCaml for Windows instead.

However, you can still download the latest stable version (OCaml 4.02.1):


$ tar -xf wodi[32|64].tar.xz # from a cygwin terminal
$ bash wodi64/
The install script will stop, if something is missing from your cygwin installation.
You must install at least the following packages: In order to re-build all packages from source you also need: If you use the 64-bit version, downgrade the packages mingw64-x86_64-gcc and mingw64-x86_64-gcc-core to version 4.8.3; gcc 4.9 or newer is not supported.

Downloading binary packages or building them from source won't work out of the box, because the files are not longer available at the usual location. But you can download the files manually.

Binary Packages

If you copy the files to "${GODI_DIR}/var/cache/godi", commands like 'godi_add godi-core_kernel godi_utop' will work.

Source Usage

Move the archives to "${GODI_DIR}/build/distfiles".