OCaml 4.02.0-beta

May 31, 2014

I’m pleased to announce the availability of the first builds of OCaml 4.02.0-beta:

[edit: builds last updated on 25 July 2014; problems related to Windows XP are hopefully fixed now]

The builds also include several other changes besides the upgrade to OCaml-4.02beta, that I want to test before making an “official” release in July/August:

  • an experimental patch has been applied to ocamlbuild. (The trunk ocamlbuild can’t quote properly and calls cmd.exe to start bash, which then in turn calls the real command, e.g. ocamlc. This is obviously slow and error prone due the obscure quoting rules and other restrictions of cmd.exe that are usually ignored.)
  • godi-tools has been updated. Some operations should be considerably faster now.
  • the external c/c++ libraries (the base-* packages) are not longer taken from openSUSE. They are now loosely based on fedora’s repository.

Upgrading an existing installation is not possible at the moment, you need to create a fresh installation. The new version of godi-tools introduces incompatibilities to the old one. I have not yet created a build, that makes the transition between the two version possible.