The categorization is explained in the GODI User's Manual:
  • apps: end-user software
  • godi: software to build applications, i.e. libraries, generators,etc.
  • base: software outside of WODI's scope, but required for some godi packages (external C/C++ libraries).
base is more important under windows, because many c libraries are already installed under *nix, but not under Windows.

alt-ergo0.95.2Automated first-order theorem prover
console22.00z1.11.0Windows Command Prompt
coq8.4.5Interactive proof assistant
cppo1.1.2cpp for OCaml
cubicle1.0SMT based model checker for parameterized systems
emacs24.4.1emacs for windows
frama-c20140301Framework for analysis of C programs
godiva0.9.7High-level tool for simplifying the creation of GODI packages.
merlin2.1.1Editor helper, provides completion, typing and sources browsing in Emacs
oasis0.4.5Architecture for building OCaml libraries and applications
ocaml-top1.1.2interactive editor for education
ocamlify0.0.2include files in OCaml code
ocamlmod0.0.7Generate OCaml modules from source files.
ocamltop-win0.1Gtk2 graphical interface for the OCaml toplevel
aifad2.0.6Machine learning library
alcotest0.2.0Alcotest is a lightweight and colourful test framework
alphacaml20061214A tool that helps deal with alpha-conversion issues.
ansicolor0.5Simple ANSI terminal color library.
atd1.1.2Syntax for cross-language data types
atdgen1.5.0Code generator for biniou and JSON serialization
base642.0.0Base64 encoding and decoding library
batteries2.3.1a community-maintained foundation library for OCaml
bench1.3benchmarking tool
benchmark1.4simple benchmark functions
bencode1.0.2Read/Write bencode (.torrent) files in OCaml
bes0.9.4.2simplify/minimize boolean expressions
bignum112.17.00Core-flavoured wrapper around zarith's arbitrary-precision rationals
bin_prot112.17.00A binary protocol generator
biniou1.0.9Flexible binary data format
bisect1.3A code coverage tool.
bitmasks1.0.0BitMasks over int and int64 exposed as sets
bitstring2.0.4Erlang-style bitstrings and matching over bitstrings as a syntax extension
bitv1.1A bit vector library
bolt1.4logging tool for the OCaml
calendar2.03.2Operations over dates and times.
caml2html1.4.3Caml2html colorizes OCaml source files
camlidl1.05Stub generator
camlimages4.2.0Objective Caml image processing library
camlmix1.3.1OCaml-stuffed templates
camlp44.02.0beta3Caml Preprocessor and Pretty-Printer
camlp56.12pre-processor-pretty-printer for ocaml
camomile0.8.5Camomile is a comprehensive Unicode library for OCaml.
cconv0.3Combinators for Type Conversion in OCaml
cfg2.0.4OCaml library for manipulating context-free grammars
cmdliner0.9.7library for declarative definition of command line interfaces
cohttp0.15.2HTTP library for Lwt, Async and Mirage
comparelib109.60.00syntax extension to derive comparison functions from type representations
conduit0.7.2OCaml network conduit library
config-file1.2library used to manage the configuration file(s) of an application
containers0.8A modular standard library focused on data structures
core_kernel112.17.00Part of Jane Street's Core library
cryptgps0.2.1cryptographic algorithms DES, 3DES, Blowfish
cryptokit1.10Cryptographic primitives
cstruct1.5.0access C structures via a camlp4 extension
csv1.3.4CSV library for OCaml
ctypes0.3.4alphacreate bindings to C libraries without writing any C
curl0.7.2Bindings for libcurl
custom_printf112.17.00Extension for printf format strings
cygwinpath0.1Translates cygwin paths to native Windows path
datalog0.5.1in-memory datalog implementation for OCaml
deriving-ocsigen0.7An extension for deriving functions from type declarations.
dlist0.1.0purely functional list-like data structure supporting O(1) concatenation
dolog1.0the dumb OCaml logger (lazy and optionally colorful)
dum1.0.1Dumper supporting cyclic values.
dyntype0.9.0syntax extension which makes OCaml types and values easier to manipulate programmatically
dypgen20120619dypgen is a GLR parser generator for Objective Caml, it is able to generate self-extensible parsers and extensible lexers for the parsers it produces.
easy-format1.0.2Indentation made easy(ier)
enumerate111.08.00Quotation expanders for enumerating finite types.
estring1.3Extension for string literals
expat0.9.1Bindings for the expat XML parser
extlib1.6.1User-supported Extended Standard Library
ezjsonm0.4.1An easy interface on top of the Jsonm library
faillib111.17.00Part of Jane Street's Core library
fieldslib109.20.03OCaml record fields as first class values
fileutils0.4.5Library to provide pure OCaml functions to manipulate real file (POSIX like) and filename
findlib1.5.5The findlib/ocamlfind package manager
flexdll0.31flexdll emulates Unix-style dynamic linking on Win32
functory0.5Distributed computing library
gapi-ocaml0.2.6A simple OCaml client for Google Services
gen0.2.4Iterators for OCaml, both restartable and consumable.
getopt20120615Parsing of command line arguments
gg0.9.0Basic types for computer graphics in OCaml
herelib109.35.02Part of Jane Street's Core library
hex0.1.0Hexadecimal converter
inifiles1.2ini format config file parsing
integration1d0.4.1Integration of functions of one variable
ipaddr2.5.0IP (and MAC) address representation library
jsofocaml2.5Js_of_ocaml is a compiler of OCaml bytecode to Javascript
json1.0Data marshalling with JSON
jsonm0.9.1A non-blocking streaming JSON codec for OCaml
lablgl1.05OpenGL interface
lablgtk220141006An object-oriented interface to GTK2
lablgtk2-extras1.5useful libraries and modules for LablGtk2 applications
labltk8.06.0LablTk is an interface to the Tcl/Tk GUI framework
lambda-term1.8cross-platform library for manipulating the terminal
lazy-trie1.1.0Implementation of lazy prefix trees
lwt2.4.7Light-weight threading library
lz41.0.0ocaml bindings to lz4
magic0.7.3binding for libmagic
menhir20141215A LR(1) parser generator for Objective Caml.
mikmatch_pcre1.0.8Pattern matching extended with regexps in Ocamllex syntax
monadlib0.1starter library for monads
mparser1.0.1monadic parser combinator library
mstruct1.3.2Mstruct is a thin mutable layer on top of cstruct
ocaml4.02.1The core of the OCaml system (compiler, runtime)
ocaml-data-notation0.0.11Store data using OCaml notation
ocaml-expect0.0.5Expect-like framework
ocaml-manual4.02rc1The manual for OCaml
ocaml-src4.02.1OCaml sources (required for GODI builds)
ocaml-text0.8.0A library dealing with text as sequence of unicode characters.
ocamlgraph1.8.6ocamlgraph is a graph library for Objective Caml
ocamlmakefile6.38.0Generic Makefile to build OCaml projects
ocamlnet3.7.6base library for network protocols
ocamlnet-pcre3.7.6PCRE extension for ocamlnet
ocamlnet-ssl3.7.6SSL extension for ocamlnet
ocamlscript2.0.3native code scripts
ocamlsdl0.9.1SDL, the Simple Direct Layer for video, audio, input devices
ocp-build1.99.8betaProject manager for OCaml
ocp-indent1.4.2tool to indent OCaml programs
ocp-index1.1.1tool to index OCaml programs
ocplib-endian0.7read and write int16/32/64 from strings and bigarrays
odate0.5Date & Duration Library
omake0.9.8.6svnThe OMake Build System.
omd1.2.5a Markdown parser in OCaml
omonad0.3.0Monad programming through ppx
opam-installer1.1.1opam package manager installer
optcomp1.6optional compilation with cpp-like directives
optimization1d0.5.1Find extrema of 1D functions
orakuda2.0.0Perlish string literals in OCaml
orm0.7.0backend to persist ML values
ospec0.3.2Behavior-Driven Development tool for OCaml
otfm0.2.0OpenType font decoder for OCaml
ounit2.0.0Unit test framework for OCaml
pa_bench112.06.00Syntax extension for inline benchmarks
pa_monad_custom6.0.0Syntactic Sugar for Monads
pa_ounit112.17.00OCaml inline testing
pa_ovisitor1.0.0auto-generate visitor, folder, mapper from type definitions
pa_test111.08.01Quotation expander for assertions
pa_where0.4Backward declaration syntax
pcre7.1.5Perl Compatibility Regular Expressions
pipebang110.01.00Syntax extension to transform x |! f into f x
planck2.1.1monadic parser combinator library
pomap3.0.5OCaml library for manipulating partially ordered maps
postgresql3.0.0PostgreSQL Bindings for OCaml
ppx_blob0.1include a binary blob from a file as a string
ppx_deriving2.0Type-driven code generation for OCaml >=4.02
ppx_deriving_protobuf2.1A Protocol Buffers codec generator for OCaml >=4.02
ppx_deriving_yojson2.2A Protocol Buffers codec generator for OCaml >=4.02
ppx_import0.1syntax extension for importing declarations from interfaces
ppx_include1.0Include OCaml source files in each other
ppx_overload1.0.0SML style simple but user definable overloading
ppx_pattern_guard1.0.1Pattern guards in OCaml
ppx_poly_record1.0.1ppx for polymorphic records
ppx_test1.0.1replacement of pa_ounit
ppx_tools0.99.2Tools for authors of ppx rewriters and other syntactic tools
pxp1.2.4PXP is an advanced XML parser
qcheck0.3QuickCheck inspired property-based testing for OCaml
qtest2.0.1Quick Unit Tests for OCaml
re1.3.0Regular expressions
react1.2.0A module for functional reactive programming (FRP).
reactiveData0.1Functional reactive programming with incremental changes in data structures
res4.0.7OCaml library for resizable arrays and strings
root1d0.3Find roots of 1D functions
rope0.5heavyweight strings
sedlex1.99.2unicode-friendly lexer generator (successor of ulex)
sequence0.5.5Simple and lightweight sequence abstract data type
sexplib112.17.00Automated S-expression conversion
sha1.9binding for SHA interface code in OCaml
should0.1.0Literate assertions
spotlib2.5.1Useful functions for OCaml programming used by @camlspotter
sqlexpr0.5.5Type-safe, convenient SQLite database access
sqlite32.0.9Bindings for SQLite3 database clients
ssl0.4.7The Secure Socket Layer
stringext1.2.0Extra string functions for OCaml
syndic1.2RSS and Atom feed parsing
textwrap0.1Text wrapping and filling library
tools3.0.37hgodi_console and other tools for GODI
tools-gui0.2.9a gtk based gui for godi_console
tophide1.0.3Hides toplevel values whose name starts with an underscore.
type_conv112.01.00Library factoring out common functionality for type converters.
typehashlib109.15.04Syntax extension for deriving typehash functions automatically
typerep112.17.00typerep is a library for runtime types
tyxml3.4.0A parser and printer for xml.
ucorelib0.2.0A light weight Unicode library for OCaml
uint1.1.5Unsigned ints for OCaml
ulex1.1Lexer generator with support for Unicode
uri1.7.2RFC3968 URI parsing library
utop1.17improved toplevel for OCaml
uucd2.0.0Unicode character database decoder for OCaml
uucp0.9.1Unicode character properties for OCaml
uuidm0.9.5An OCaml module for universally unique identifiers (UUIDs)
uunf0.9.3Unicode text normalization for OCaml
uuseg0.8.0Unicode text segmentation for OCaml
uutf0.9.4A non-blocking streaming Unicode codec for OCaml
variantslib109.15.03OCaml variants as first class values
vg0.8.1Declarative 2D vector graphics for OCaml
webdav1.1Client for WebDAV
xml-light2.4minimal XML parser & pretty printer
xmlm1.2.0Streaming XML IO for OCaml
xstr0.2.1additional string functions
xstrp41.8camlp4 macros for inline expansion
yojson1.2.0JSON library succeeding to json-wheel
zarith1.3arithmetic operations over arbitrary-precision integers
zed1.4abstract engine for text edition
zip1.05Bindings for zlib
atk2.14.0ATK accessibility toolkit
bzip21.0.6high-quality block-sorting file compressor
c-ares1.10.0asynchronous name resolver
cairo1.12.16The Cairo 2D vector graphics library
curl7.40.0easy-to-use client-side URL transfer library
dlfcn0.0.1dlfcn library for Windows
enchant1.6.0Wrapper library for various spell checker engines
expat2.1.0XML parsing C library
file5.20File type determination library
fontconfig2.11.1generic font configuration library
freeglut2.8.1open source alternative to the OpenGL Utility
freetype2.5.3Free and portable font rendering engine
gdk-pixbuf2.31.1GDK Pixbuf library
gettext0.19.3GNU Internationalization library
glib22.43.0GLib library of C routines
gmp6.0.0aMultiprecision arithmetic library
gnutls3.3.9GNU TLS library
gtk22.24.25GTK+ graphical user interface library
gtkglarea2.0.1OpenGL context provider for GTK+
gtksourceview22.10.5GTK+ syntax highlighting widget
gtkspell22.0.16word-processor-style highlighting of misspelled words
gui0.3.2basic gtk runtime
harfbuzz0.9.35OpenType text shaping engine
hunspell1.3.3spell checker and morphological analyzer
jasper1.900.1JPEG-2000 library
libart2.3.21Library of functions for 2D graphics
libcroco0.6.8CSS parsing and manipulation toolkit
libffi3.1Foreign Function Interface library
libglade2.6.4GTK+ User Interface Build library
libgnomecanvas2.30.3powerful object-oriented display engine
libgnurx2.5.1regular expression library
libjpeg-turbo1.3.90IJG JPEG compliant library
libpng1.6.14PNG library
libpq9.3.6interface to PostgreSQL
librsvg2.40.5SAX-based renderer library for SVG files
libtiff4.0.3Tag Image File Format library
libxml22.9.1GNOME XML library
lz40.0.121Extremely Fast Compression algorithm
nettle2.7.1low level cryptographic library
pango1.36.8Layout and rendering of internationalized text
pcre8.36Perl 5 Compatible Regular Expression Library
pixman0.32.6pixel-manipulation library for cairo (and X)
pkg-config0.28manage compile and link flags for libraries
sdl1.2.15Simple DirectMedia Layer
sdl_image1.2.12Image loading library for Simple DirectMedia Layer
sdl_ttf2.0.11TrueType Font library for Simple DirectMedia Layer
sqlite33.8.8.2Embeddable SQL Database
ssl1.0.2Secure Sockets Layer library
win-iconv0.0.6Windows Iconv library
xpm-nox4.2.0xpm for windows
xz5.0.7XZ-format compression library
zlib1.2.8compression library